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«HIDETAL-GP-9» gamma «G»

Superplasticizer 5th generation (giperplasticizer) on the basis
of ether polycarboxylates for concretes


The additive possesses a complex of properties:

The basic properties – water reduction, a plasticization, preservation of initial mobility of a concrete mix;

Additional properties - increase of frost resistance and water tightness of concrete;

Mobility increase b/s P1-P5, ОК> 25сm, RК> 63сm
Water flow reduction to 35%
Reduction of the expense of cement to 25%
Set the strength 1-st daymore70%
Frost resistance Increase at 2 marks and more
Watertightness Increase at 4 steps and more
Interaction with armature Passivirovanie armatures

* - At use of the water reduced structure, concerning the telltale.

Sphere of application

All sorts of concrete, including prestressed iron concrete and especially responsible concrete products, in particular:

 At manufacturing of all sorts precast iron concrete designs and products from a concrete of high specific weight of classes on durability В20 and above;

 At the intensive intra factory schedule of work, for increase turnover forms products.

 At concreting thickly reinforced designs;

 At manufacturing of self-condensed concrete;

 By manufacture of products on rigid concrete mixes;

 By manufacture of products to which increased requirements on frost resistance or water tightness are shown; 


  • Use in concrete of a class from В20 and above is expedient, at mobility from P1 to P5;
  • In a complex with effective greasing allows to achieve quality of a surface of class А2;
  • For the account of high water reducing ability allows to reduce considerably the expense of cement with an exit to branded durability **;
  • Essentially reduces time ТВО or changes steaming temperature;
  • Reduces or completely excludes water partitioning off and an exfoliation on high-mobility mixes;
  • At use a plasticizing effect - reduces time of vibrating of products, facilitates concrete consolidation.
  • Raises water tightness and frost resistance of concrete;
  • Short-term congealing at storage is supposed, - at thawing does not change properties;
  •  The additive not combustible. It is not fetid, - possesses an easy technical smell;
  • At long storage in capacities does not drop out in a deposit.

** - Value depends on a quality class, properties of cement and some other factors.

The dosage and administration of supplements

From 0.4 to 1.6% by weight of the liquid cement additive substance. Overdosing supplements significantly increases the mobility of the mix, but at the same time reduces the strength of concrete.

When dosing additives in terms of the weight of the cement additives desirable to adhere to the following order: First, calculate the weight of additives, based on bookmarks cement. Then you can calculate: Volume supplements, (l) = weight additives (kg) / Density supplements (exact density additives indicated in the passport, by lot or on the label).

Introduced together with the mixing water.

Do not inject into the dry mix!

The best effect is achieved with the introduction of additives to the third part of the mixing water. That is, mixed concrete is mixed in full Ingredient composition with 2/3 of the mixing water. The third portion of water is mixed with metered amounts of additive injected into the mixer. Thereafter, stirring should continue for at least 60 seconds.

Commodity description

The state of aggregation The liquid of commodity concentration
Color from light yellow to
dark brown
Density, g/cm3 1,400±0,05
PH-indicator unit. Not less than 3,3
The content of Cl ¯,% not more tha 0,1
Mass fraction of solids
 At least
Storage Temperature, ° C from -20°С to +35°С
Packing Plastic tank 15, 220 и 1000 kg

Safety and transportation

          The product is a 4-hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007 (moderately hazardous).

          Working personnel must use personal protective equipment according to GOST 12.4.011. Eye Contact - rinse thoroughly with water and, if necessary - see a doctor.

           Do not discharge into drains, soil or bodies of water! Disposal of supplements must be made according to local regulations.

Compatibility with other products

Manufacturer investigated compatibility only with the products' SKT-standard. " Compatible with products of other manufacturers - has not been tested.

      "HIDETAL-GP-9" gamma "G" compatible:

  •       with "HIDETAL-P-8" - air-entraining agent to increase the F and W.
  •       with SDO or  SNV - to improve air entrainment;

Warranty and storage conditions

Shelf life - 1 year from date of manufacture. After expiration, the additive can be used as intended, after laboratory testing.

       To storage conditions of special requirements it is not shown. It is desirable to exclude a long straight insolation and congealing of capacities with the additive. After congealing the additive can be used after slow thawing at room temperature, with the subsequent hashing.

The effectiveness of additives

The following are excerpts from scientific and technical Scientific Technical Report published in 2012. On the basis of this data it is possible to receive general idea about properties of the additive, however these properties can essentially change depending on structure of concrete, properties of cement and filling materials.

    In all trials following structures were used:

The mixture composition control with additive
Cement PC500-D0, kg 346 350/340*
Sand = 2.5 kg 692 703/790*
Crushed granite 5-20 kg 1131 1168/1175*
Water, l 180 181 / 122 *
"HIDETAL-GP-9" gamma "A", by weight of cement - 0,4-1,8% / 1,0%  (3,4 L.)*
OK, cm 3 23/ 2,0 *
CC 0,52 0,52 / 0,36 *

* - A fraction of the value: the first number - the study of increasing mobility;
            the second number - the study of water-reducing actions;

Influence of a dosage on mobility of a concrete mix.



Analysis of shear strength in water-reducing effect.

Strength of the samples, MPa

3 day n.tv.

1 day n.tv.

28 days n.tv.

Strength of the samples, MPa






With additive

"HIDETAL-GP-9" gamma "G"





27,66 (+56,2%)



The analysis of increase of frost resistance and water tightness

At frost resistance and water tightness research the additive structure which was used for research of water reducing properties of the additive has been used.

Frost resistance is tested on "the third" accelerated method:

Type of concrete

Rszh Control formed in a saturated state

before the test, MPa


s cycle 

Rszh after Test-MPa

losses (-)

increase (+)


strength grade of concrete for frost resistance,






- 3,37




- 7,87


With additive "HIDETAL-GP-9"

gamma 'G'




+ 1,95




- 2,92




- 3,7




- 4,87




- 7,02


Water-resistant to GOST 12730.5.  "Concrete. Methods for      determination of water resistance ":

Type concrete

Watertight bridges series of samples, MPa

Mark on waterproofing




Additional paid-in

"HIDETAL-GP-9" gamma "G"